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MF Speaker collabora con PADOVA URBS PICTA

Aggiornamento: 30 ott 2023

MF Speaker is the official narrator ( ITA / ENG ) of the #PadovaUrbspicta App, after the appointment of Padua as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A few days after the inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List of the “Fresco cycles of the Fourteenth century of Padua”, new tools are ready to welcome visitors and interactively tell the Padua of the fourteenth century.

Together with Padova Urbs picta card, Padova Urbs picta is the official smartphone App of the Municipality of Padua which will accompany citizens and visitors to the places of the World Heritage site, offering a rich experience of knowledge and fun to discover the masterpieces of Giotto and others artists of the fourteenth century. Thanks to the interaction of images, texts, maps, stories and music, the App will in fact be an enrichment and guide tool between the frescoed masterpieces and the places in Padua that preserve them. Features of the Padova Urbs picta App are the complete accessibility of the tool, thanks to the possibility of viewing and listening to the narration of the contents, as well as an interactive game proposal to enjoy in-depth content created ad hoc. The App has been created for the Municipality of Padua by Meeple, a start up of the University of Padua, also thanks to the contribution of the Veneto Region and DoIT Viaggi; the video shots were made by Lilium Sound Art; the translations into English are by Caroline Clark, director of the University Language Center of the University of Padua.

Collaborazione tra Marco Ferraro Speaker e PAdova Urbs Picta

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